JAMES Dunn is hoping to make it big in the world of professional grappling after attracting admiring glances from across the pond.

The 26-year-old co-runs the 4 Front Wrestling Academy on Cheney Manor Industrial Estate, and has been receiving attention from America’s WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment).

Known in fighting circles as JD Knight, the Swindon man undertook trials with a WWE representative recently, and although they proved unsuccessful, he believes he can make it through at the second attempt.

Dunn explained: “They (WWE) have a talent scout who comes to England and I ended up getting a place on a show with him. He watched me wrestle and spoke to me after about organising a trial.

“I’ve been invited back in November. Apparently no one gets taken on first time but they give you feedback and tell you what to do.

“It was more about appearance than anything. They said I needed to become a bit leaner and a bit more intense in the ring.”

Dunn has been wrestling since 2001 and performs at shows around the country alongside his academy commitments.

The wrestling school has been at its current base for two years and general sessions are run for both adults and juniors, while there are also private classes.

American, retro British and Japanese styles are taught to those willing to put themselves up for punishment in the ring.

While Dunn enjoys his role, he admitted that to become a performer in the WWE would represent the ideal job and lifestyle.

“For most people that’s the dream, to be taken on by the big American companies is as big as it’s going to get,” he said.

“To live out in Florida and be on the TV, that’s everyone’s dream as well. I’m not sure I thought it was a realistic goal (when he first started) but it is a real possibility now.”

Dunn, whose favourite wrestlers are “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat, added that plenty of Swindon brawlers could potentially make a living out of wrestling in the United States.

“I think everyone needs to realise that if you come training with us, then doors can be opened,” he said.

For those interested in finding out more about wrestling, visit the academy’s official training site, www.wrestling-traininguk.com.