CHARACTER is one of the big things I heard about before I joined the Swindon Wildcats but I think that really let us down last weekend.

It’s one of the most important things in our locker room and we had a lot of character in the early part of the season but we didn’t show that in our last two games and that’s what’s most disappointing.

If you are going to lose a game, at least show character and a bit of fight but I am not sure that we did that. We let our heads drop and that is really not like us at all.

As an import player, there is always pressure on you and the senior British guys in the team to lead the way but sometimes in some games, that just doesn’t happen. If that is the case, you need other guys to step up.

I’m not sure that anybody did that last weekend so we all have to look in the mirror and say that collectively, it wasn’t good enough.

We only scored one goal across two games last week and we are definitely missing Aaron Nell from our team on a playing front. He was one of the top scorers, so if you take that out of any team, it is going to hurt them.

Our previous game at Telford Tigers finished 1-1 so with Aaron out, we weren’t too worried about it maybe being a low-scoring game again.

They are the strongest and toughest team in the league and we kept it tight to start with but we conceded a goal when we short-handed and that really demoralised us.

To end up losing 6-0 was frustrating but we really didn’t show the kind of fight that we usually do and that was the most disappointing thing.

We spoke about it afterwards and we can’t wait to get back to training now to try to put it right and most importantly, Saturday night where we have to have a response.

We are definitely going to go for broke on Saturday night. We need to keep picking up the wins to keep up with the teams at the top of the table, otherwise we will find ourselves fighting with the guys at the bottom.

There is only one game this weekend and there is only one outcome that we want. We need to win and we need to show that character I heard so much about last year and we showed so much of at the start of the season.