WHEN I woke up on Monday morning this week, the defeat to Streatham was still quite raw.

I’d only managed to get a couple of hours sleep because of all of the travelling, but after a game like that, it wasn’t a nice feeling.

It can take a few days for something like that to go away. We weren’t happy with how we played and there were a few home truths said in the dressing room afterwards.

Maybe we were a little bit unlucky with a couple of the chances that we had, but the bottom line is, we weren’t good enough.

I fly down to Swindon every Thursday ready for practice that night, I know that we were planning to go over the video of the Streatham game first.

We have got a big weekend and we really want to right the wrongs of what happened on Sunday.

On Saturday, we head to Hull for the final group game in the Autumn Cup, so I’m going to be really clocking up the miles this week.

For me personally, it would have been better if the game would have been on a Sunday as I might have been able to get home quicker.

But one thing that will be nice is that my old man is coming to the match, it is the closest one for him so it will be good to see him there.

This is a game that we want to win so that we can finish top of our group. It is looking like either Peterborough or Basingstoke in the next round.

They are both quite similar teams so it is going to be hard whoever we play.

On Sunday, we have got Peterborough at the Link Centre and it is quite simple - we have to win our home games.

The way it is looking at the moment, the top four is shaping up to be Peterborough, Basingstoke, Bracknell and ourselves, so we really do need to win on Sunday.

Sam Godfrey has returned to the club this week and I have played against him a few times and he is a really good player.

He is only 23, I really thought that he was older than that, and I saw he is going to be a big help in getting our back-line moving.

He is a Swindon lad and he will be keen to help us all be successful.