SWINDON Wildcats player-coach Aaron Nell says he is looking forward to getting back to a routine following their 3-2 win over London Raiders at the Link Centre.

After falling behind early on, Max Birbraer drew the Cats level in what was an uneventful game at times.

With neither team able to find the back of the net in the second period, the hosts took the lead through teenager Jordan Kelsall late on, before Nell notched a goal to give them a two-goal advantage.

Juraj Huska pulled one back for the visitors, which was his second of the night as the London side fell short at the Link Centre.

Nell was happy with the resilient performance put on by his side, and heaped praise on captain Jan Kostal for his man of the match performance.

“It was a tight game and London are a good team, they are one of the better teams which we have played this season,” said the 27-year-old.

“We weren’t at our best tonight but in the end it was a big win and an important win after losing at home two weeks ago.

“They’ve got a good team, they are well coached and some of their players are really good so we expected them to come hard.

“We were right up against it at the end and people like Jan were diving in front of pucks but that is what they do.

“Jan is Mr Consistent and he won’t say it, but he has had a great hockey career over a long period of time.

“He’s been here for five years and he played in the Czech Republic for 16 years – he brings a lot of things that you won’t see.

“The way he handles himself, his habits and the little things he does makes him a great example for the whole team.

“That is why he is our captain and that is why he is still playing when he is 37-year-old, he is in great shape.”

Nell will now turn his attention to tomorrow’s fixture with Cardiff Fire, and the Cats chief admits it is nice to return to a regular pattern of games after some disruption to their routine of late.

“It is frustrating at times when you don’t have that rhythm, it was a great crowd tonight and I hope everyone enjoyed it,” he added.