LAST weekend was another huge weekend for us in the title race because Basingstoke Bison were up there in the league with us.

To beat them twice was the biggest four points of the year.

Our coach, Aaron Nell, built this team to win and when it comes to getting on a roll, it’s more about using the motivation we got from the game before and keeping that momentum going – that’s a massive reason why we’ve been so successful.

We started that roll a while back now – it’s exactly what we were built for and it’s something any team that wants to win a league has to do.

Despite our favourable position, the title still doesn’t feel that close to us. Peterborough Phantoms are still hot on our tails, so we still have to win as many games as we can and pick up every point that we can to make sure we don’t leave it until the last weekend.

When I look at my team-mates, I see the culture that Aaron has built over the past few years.

We always used to be a team that were in the middle of the pack, but we still packed a punch with our budget compared to the more affluent teams in the league.

This season, I can really see the culture that Aaron wants is definitely present in the dressing room. That winning mentality and that taking pride in coming to work every day.

Last year, we got that winning bug and the two trophies really gave us that special feeling. Winning was something I wanted to get used to and that’s what everyone is striving for.

We’ll only get there if everyone buys into this high work ethic. I think talent, at this point in the season, is not as important. Obviously, you need your skilful players to turn up, but they can only do that if they put the work in. If we put the same effort in that we have done over the past few weeks, then we’re unstoppable.

It is amazing to be where we are, but we cannot afford to take anything for granted.

Winning the two trophies last year was an amazing moment and being able to share that in front of our fans was incredible. They come in every week to support us and to be able to bring the league title back would be the highlight of my career, for sure.