TO be honest, I don’t think winning the league title has quite sunk in yet.

That is probably because we’ve still got so much to do – we’ve got the play-offs to come and more trophies to try and win.

As soon as the season ends, it will probably hit home. It’s an amazing feeling already and it’s been a week of smiles so far.

It was odd to find out we’d won the league during the second interval of our game because we were obviously hyped up. We’d taken a nice lead and we were prepared to go and win the game to win the league.

We were having a fantastic game in the first two periods anyway, and when we found out we’d won the league because Peterborough Phantoms had dropped the points, it was a hell of a feeling in the dressing room.

But at the same time, we knew we had to finish our game and we wanted to finish strong and win the game anyway. Thankfully, we were able to properly celebrate after the final buzzer.

We had a good time after the game and celebrated, but we are still professionals and we knew we had a game the next day.

The final celebrations are still on hold and they’ll be done after the play-offs, that’s when we can celebrate properly.

Before that happens, though, we have the play-offs to try and win.

We’ve set the tone by winning the league and when we play like we can, we can beat anyone – we all completely believe in each other.

It’s about keeping that consistency going now. That’s why we felt it was so important to win both games last weekend – it helps keep the motivation high.