SWINDON Wildcats forward Max Birbraer says his team-mates are ‘as confident as you can possibly get’ ahead of their opening-round play-off double header against Invicta Dynamos this weekend.

Aaron Nell’s men finally wrapped up the league title with a 4-2 win over Bracknell Bees last weekend before going on to defeat MK Thunder 6-5 on Sunday night, giving them the number one seeding for the play-off picture.

Fresh off the back of 17 league wins in 18 games to end the regular season, Birbraer believes Swindon could not be in a better place as they hunt for the perfect end to their season.

He said: “We’re as confident as you can possibly get – you don’t want to get ahead of yourself because this year has proven any team can beat anyone else.

“Invicta beat Peterborough recently and they’ve taken points off most teams throughout the season, so it’s not a gimme, but we’re confident about it.”

Some fans have criticised the idea that all eight teams feature in the post-season competition, but the Kazakhstan-born forward feels the positives outweigh the negatives, in terms of inclusivity.

Birbraer said: “For me, it is a case of the more games, the better. And it feels like you’ve accomplished that much more, if you win it, with the more rounds you go through.

“For me personally, it’s probably a little bit more fun, it’s probably better for everyone to get in because it’s such a small-numbered league.

“It helps the teams and ownerships get some more gate money and participate in the competition, so every team remains interested.”

The former New Jersey Devils third-round draft pick claimed his second domestic title win last weekend – adding to the title he won while at the Telford Tigers in 2015 – and admitted it took a few days for the accomplishment to settle in his mind.

Birbraer is now intent on adding to his list of career accomplishments as he winds down his 23rd season as a professional.

He said: “Winning the league was the goal that was set out before the season started.

“Aaron (Nell) and the ownership put a good line-up together and put pressure on us saying that we need to win the league.

“At one point we didn’t think we were going to do it, but we went on a big run and made it happen.

“We were happy throughout the whole week while it was sinking in and now, we’re completely switched on into our next challenge.

“The play-offs are a completely different competition and we’re ready to go.”