FLOYD Taylor has his eyes firmly fixed on back-to-back league titles after renewing his contract at the Swindon Wildcats.

Swindon-born Taylor, who made his Wildcats debut in 2011, was part of the team that claimed last year’s NIHL One South league title and believes it may be possible to repeat the achievement after seeing the calibre of signing player-coach Aaron Nell has acquired.

The 24-year-old forward was particularly delighted to see Tomasz Malasinski return to the Link Centre and is excited to continue developing his game under the tutelage of the exciting Pole.

Taylor played 48 times last season, scoring 22 points, and is already looking forward to taking to the ice for his eighth consecutive season at the Link Centre.

Taylor said: “I’m really happy – I’ve been with the Wildcats for a long time now and it’s my home.

“Plus, it looks like Aaron is building a good team, he’s signed some good players already and I’m excited to start up again.

“I think we’ll stand a chance of competing, and I’m pretty sure Aaron will sign a good enough team for us to do that.

“He’s announced (Tomasz) Malasinki already, and that’s massive because he’s one hell of a player. He was good in the EPL and he’s going to be even better in this league, so I’m excited to play alongside him.

“We’ll stand a chance, certainly and hopefully we can win the league again.”

The young forward is keen to enjoy his time at his hometown club alongside his brother and fellow Wildcat Loris, someone he can always ask for advice on improving his skillset.

Taylor modestly admitted he is unlikely to play at a higher level and says he wants to make the best out of whatever ability he has by learning from the boss.

Taylor said: “Aaron works quite closely with me now and again and helps to push me on.

“That’s helpful because I’m still young and I want to keep learning as much as I can.

“And we’ve got a lot of other experienced players that I can learn things off.

“If someone talks to me and says ‘do this’ or ‘do that’ then I know I should listen really and not just turn my nose up thinking that I know everything. I still want to progress.

“I know the next level is probably out of my reach now because of my age, so I’ve just got to keep progressing in the league that I’m in and just work on my game every year.”