SPEEDWAY fans are probably looking forward to the new Speedway Grand Prix season starting on Saturday and I have got my own GP qualifier soon.


I will be racing at the meeting at Abensberg in Germany on June 5, so over the last few days, I have just been organising that and trying to get my team sorted.

I think Lee Kilby (Robins commercial manager) might be coming with me from the Robins and managing everything for me out there – it’s good really to have that sort of support from the club and from Lee.

I am not setting my sights too high, I just want to go there and gain some experience. I know I am not quite at that level yet but there is no reason why I can’t go there and beat those guys.

I rode as a guest for Poole Pirates away at Rye House Rockets on Saturday and in my last heat, I beat Scott Nicholls and Krzysztof Kasprzak. I came from the back as well on a track that no one really passes on.

I am not putting any pressure on myself, I just want to go there and enjoy the experience.

It’s a new track for me so I don’t really know what to expect, but I will just go there open-minded, try to win a few races and do as well as I can.

In terms of the Grand Prix this weekend, it’s exciting to watch and see the top guys riding but I don’t really get to into it that much. I know the big names that are in it every year but I don’t know if there are new guys coming in this year.

Half of the time, you are too worried about what you are doing yourself to be worried about what everyone else is doing.

I know that our captain, Jason Doyle, will be there and I am sure he will do well again like last year.

Jason is certainly a very focussed rider. He gives us advice and is always there lending a hand. He gets stuck in in the pits and he’s been good with us.

Last Friday, we earned our first SGB Premiership win of the season away at Somerset Rebels. I don’t think we’ve had too bad a start to the season overall, especially after a lot of people were writing us off at the start of the year, saying we won’t win a meeting all season.

We are proving a few people wrong when we can go to away tracks and win so we’ve shut everyone up for a bit but I am sure if we lose a couple, they will be back on us.

For now, everyone is quiet so hopefully we can carry that on.