SWINDON Robins' national champions could find themselves on the end of a fact-finding phone call from Swindon Town boss David Flitcroft after lifting the SGB Premiership title on Wednesday.

Flitcroft paid tribute to the town's speedway side, who defied the odds to lift the league crown with a magnificent performance in Wolverhampton on Wednesday night, having lost the first leg of the Grand Final at their own track 48 hours earlier.

The Town football chief revealed he had already sat down with his speedway counterpart Alun Rossiter to talk about team management and leadership issues in recent weeks.

And Flitcroft pledged to grill members of the Abbey Stadium septet about their experiences as he aims to bring similar success to the County Ground.

"It’s fantastic,'' said Flitcroft, of the Robins' achievement in recording first domestic title success since 2012.

"Chris Neville, who is our conditioning coach, he supports the speedway team and Rosco (Rossiter), the team manager, was down here the other day for a few hours and we had a brilliant chat on leadership and management and how you can cross-reference things.

"I think the biggest thing is the psychological impact and the key riders having the big rides, the ones winning the championship and how they have performed.

"Over the next three and four months I’ll be trying to meet the riders and absorb that information.

"They were four points behind from the first leg and probably that first ride (heat, at Wolverhampton), where they’ve got a first and second (place), that was the moment when the team thought ‘wow’ and the momentum then went against Wolves.''