ALUN Rossiter admits it will be almost impossible to keep his Swindon Robins SGB Premiership title-winning team together in 2018.

The Robins enjoyed a stunning 2017 season and were crowned British champions for just the third time in the club’s history last week with a memorable Grand Final triumph over Wolverhampton.

Focus now turns to the BSPA’s annual general meeting next month, when rules for next season are set to be decided.

In the wake of their heroic performances on track, the averages of the Robins riders are set to rise, meaning it is highly unlikely that Rossiter will be able to retain all of his current septet within the team points budget next year.

Swindon skipper Jason Doyle has already voiced reservations about riding in Great Britain next year but Rossiter hopes he can be appeased if the sport’s bosses commit to set race nights, while Nick Morris, David Bellego, Tobiasz Musielak and Adam Ellis have already indicated that they want to remain at the club.

Although Rossiter will not be short of options when it comes to putting his 2018 squad together, he fears that the rules will make some changes unavoidable.

“I don’t think we will be able to do it unless everyone has a kind heart at the AGM and tries to keep a bit of continuity,” said Rossiter.

“We have got plenty of options for next year. We have quite a good asset system of our own now which hopefully we can use and you can never write off people like Justin Sedgmen and Peter Kildemand.

“As long as they go with fixed nights I am sure Jason will probably be keen to do something. I am confident Adam wants to come back and I know Nick, David and Tobiasz want to come back.

“It will be a bit of a headache because you are not going to please everybody, unfortunately.”

Although Rossiter is looking forward to thrashing out next season’s regulations at the AGM in mid-November, he will head to the event with a degree of trepidation.

“Whenever this time of year comes around, you will always get someone that wants to weaken the product. It has always been the problem,” said Rossiter.

“Going into the conference, I am thinking just think the worst instead of being positive, sadly. We have watered down the product every year.

“I am sure people will think I am saying this because my riders are on a high average but my stance has never changed. I have always wanted a stronger product and a better standard of rider.

“Just because we have had a fantastic year, my thoughts are exactly the same as they always have been.”