IT HAS been an incredible season and I still really haven’t had the chance to celebrate or let it sink in.

I have just have got to give the boys all the credit. That is some team to win 17 meetings on the bounce so I don’t think anyone can argue that we deserved to win it.

We actually ended up winning it with a six riders too – and sometimes five with the injuries we have had.

It was terrible what happened to Zach Wajtknecht and we certainly missed the points he was getting. He was so tough to replace because his average didn’t actually show how well he was doing.

Then when we had Bradley Wilson-Dean out as well, we just couldn’t find anyone to cover the points that those two would have scored down at reserve. Just look at the second leg of the play-off semi-final against Poole where Bradley scored 13+2 points.

It’s easy to talk about Jason Doyle and Nick Morris and say what great seasons they have had but the points those boys scored at reserve just shows how important all of the guys were.

Jason was brilliant again for us, Nick was fantastic, and David Bellego, Tobiasz Musielak and Adam Ellis all had good first years with us and were improving all the time.

I am really pleased for Nick as I always felt he would come strong this year. A lot of fans said they didn’t want him back but that thought never came into my head.

A big turning point in our season was when we brought Tobiasz into the team and I don’t mind saying that I can’t take all of the credit on that. You always need someone else to bounce ideas off and it came from a conversation between myself and Terry Russell’s son, Wayne.

We were scouring to find someone and when Tobiasz’s name got mentioned, we got on the case and on his average, he just had to be the one.

When he came in, we set off on that amazing winning run and about halfway through I did start to think it was possible we could win the whole thing but I just kept myself grounded all the time, you have to.

I am a big believer in karma and if you get carried away, I find it comes back to bite you. We lost a couple of meetings at the end of the season and went out of the Knockout Cup too and everyone said the bubble has burst but we came back strong.

Having finished top of the table, we were there to be shot at but we did the job against Poole in the play-offs and did it comfortably.

Then for the boys to do what they did in the Grand Final against Wolverhampton and win it the way we did was just unbelievable.

It really is an amazing effort from everyone so we are going to parade the trophy at the Abbey Stadium before will hold our end-of-season dinner and dance and it will be great to have that time together to celebrate.

It will be nice to sit back and watch some of those heats from the second leg of the Grand Final again just to reminisce about how special a night it was.