NICK Morris wants to see further improvement from the Swindon Robins next year after clinching the SGB Premiership title.

The Australian reckons he achieved everything he had set out to do this season, but wants to see even more from Alun Rossiter’s troops next year.

“I did everything I wanted to do this year and reached all of my goals, I just wanted to be consistent all year through and I managed to do that,” said the Australian.

“I don’t think I really had a bad spell all season. That was perfect so we just want to keep improving next year, we don’t want to go backwards that is for sure.”

Following his successful year, which saw him crowned as the Swindon Advertiser Rider of the Year, Morris admits he has enjoyed having a larger role to play in the team.

“I’ve been at Swindon for a few years now and I think I can help the young guys a bit more because I’m older now too,” he said. “I’m a heat leader so I think me and Jason Doyle are always going to be key.

“I’ve made a little step forward, I’m in the bigger races now and I have played a more solid part in the team.”

The rider now plans to return to his native Australia for a break, before getting back to business early next year.

“I’m going to have a bit of a holiday, enjoy some sunshine and chill out so for a little while,’’ he added.

“Then I’ll do some practice and ride motorbikes as much as I can after the break and get ready for next season.

“I want to come back next year, it has taken me a while but we’ve had a good year and we need to make sure we go in the right direction.”