NEWLY crowned FIM World Speedway Champion Jason Doyle has revealed a conversation with former Swindon Robins legend Leigh Adams is what inspired him to become world champion.

The 32-year-old Robins captain needed just eight points at the Etihad Stadium in Melbourne on Saturday to put the title out of reach for his nearest competitor, Patryk Dudek.

Doyle saw his title bid brought to an abrupt end last term, when a crash at the Torun GP, resulted in him suffering injuries such as a punctured lung and dislocated shoulder, caused him to miss the Australian GP miss out to eventual champion Greg Hancock.

This year, many thought injuries could again hamper the Australian has he broke three bones in his right foot whilst riding in Poland, which left him requiring crutches to walk for several months, but that was not to be the case as Doyle produced a storming performance on home soil.

The Swindon man made a flying start as he settled his nerves with a heat win in his first outing, pipping Martin Vaculik to first place in the fourth heat.

Three heats later, Doyle picked up another three points in a strong ride, meaning he needed a solitary point from his next race in heat 10.

That proved to be no problem for Doyle who won the heat, in what was a fantastic night where the Australian collected a monster 19-point haul on his way to victory at the Australian GP. To some, the championship was a long time coming, but Doyle says it was a boat trip with compatriot Adams and Swedish star Tony Rickardsson which gave him the hunger to conquer the world.

“There was one big moment in my career when I sat on a speedboat in Mildura. Rickardsson and Adams were talking about Darcy (Ward) and Chris (Holder) and how they were going to be the next best thing,” Doyle told “I thought ‘hang on, I want to be part of this.’ I want to work hard and be in the same category as them.

“So, from then on, I worked very hard and did it all behind the scenes. I tried to get to where we are now and not many people thought it was possible for me to win a world title.

“The last couple of years has been very hard with injuries, but it was all worth it tonight. I knew what I needed to do. I needed to train hard and do the right things. It all worked out in the end.”

After having his chances of winning the title cruelly taken away from him last year, Doyle admits his brain was working overtime as he attempted to plot his path to victory.

The Aussie also said despite finally having the gold medal around his neck, his achievement still hasn’t quite sunk in just yet. “The last two weeks I have been a human calculator, trying to work out what was going to happen if I got five points, six points,” he added.

“But today I just thought ‘win it or bin it’ – the same as I have done all year. I rode pretty hard and it worked in the first three rides and flowed from there. Once that monkey of the title came off my back, it just seemed to work.

“We have worked very hard. I have done a lot of work behind the scenes and so have the boys.

“It has finally come together and it’s just perfect. This was a perfect night and hopefully it sinks in one day because tonight, it still hasn’t at the moment.”