SWINDON Robins team manager Alun Rossiter admits he has his hands tied on the future of newly crowned FIM World Speedway Champion Jason Doyle.

Doyle, who skippered the Abbey Stadium side to league success last term, has another year to run on his contract, but Rossiter says there is no guarantee the Australian will return to Wiltshire for 2018.

With the AGM due to take place this week, the Swindon boss admits he will have a clearer indication over Doyle’s future following the conclusion of the meeting.

“Obviously, we won’t know (about bringing him back) until we know what the averages are and stuff like that, we are all guided by them,” said Rossiter.

“I’ve had a message from him and he was due back in Europe soon, so I’ll try and have a catch up with him then.”

Last season Doyle was handed a huge average of 13.41, which took a considerable chuck of Rossiter’s 50-point allowance.

However, before preparing for next season, Rossiter would like to see the 32-year-old take a break from what has been a brutal season on the Aussie.

Following his crash at the end of last season at the Torun GP, Doyle was left with several injuries which included a punctured lung, dislocated shoulder and shattered elbow among others.

This year injury looked to have cause him more distress as he was forced to use crutches due to three fractures in his right foot.

With that in mind, Rossiter believes a break could do the world champion good as it would allow his body to recuperate.

“If I was him, because I know what he is like and we do speak, I would tell him to take a month off and just totally relax,” he said.

“I wouldn’t do anything, wouldn’t train because he’ll come back when he is ready so he can have a nice holiday, come back and try to get his body back.

“His body has been through hell and back to be fair, that is the only reason for him to just relax for a while and then get back into shape “He should a bit of sun on his back in Australia or wherever, but I am chuffed to bits for him and he fully deserves it.

“The only bit of advice I could give him now is to take some time out, he has plenty of time before he needs to come back and start training.”