ALUN Rossiter plans talks with world champion Jason Doyle and 2017 rider of the year Nick Morris as he faces the prospect of losing one of his 'wizards of Oz' for the Swindon Robins' 2018 campaign.

British speedway bosses agreed at their annual meeting at the weekend that SGB Premiership teams would only be allowed to track one rider with an average of eight or more next season, causing an immediate headache for the reigning champion Robins.

Skipper Doyle and Morris both boast averages in excess of that mark, leaving Rossiter with the unappetising prospect of having to jettison one of them for the defence of their crown, with top-flight teams handed a points limit of 42.5.

The Abbey Stadium chief concedes he wasn't impressed by everything agreed at the weekend get-together in Tenerife and revealed he would speak to his star men before plotting the club's team-building.

Promoters have also scrapped the tactical ride for double points and returned the traditional tactical substitute when a team is six points or more behind, the move applying between heats 5-14 excluding heat eight.

In addition, there will be no promotion or relegation between the two leagues, although the top four from each league will compete in their own league play-offs.

“It’s unfortunate and I’m not going to stand here and say everything at the AGM was rosy because it wasn’t,'' said Rossiter.

“On the plus side we have listened to the fans with the tac sub rule coming back and other issues, we have taken on board feedback from disgruntled supporters.

“But we have to look at what effect it will have on Swindon and I want to speak to Jason and Nick to establish their plans for next season before taking it further.”

Fixed race nights of Monday and Wednesday have also been agreed for next season, although the Robins will continue to be considered for a number of Thursday dates due to their stadium commitments.

Rossiter, who revealed the Robins are planning to race at the Abbey on every Bank Holiday Monday, added: “I’m slightly disappointed we couldn’t have Monday and Thursday as set race nights, not because we are a Thursday track.

“We now run the risk of clashing with Denmark on a Wednesday and we won’t be protected from that, but again I go with the democracy and fully respect that.

“We will be racing on Bank Holiday Mondays and thankfully the Association have allowed us some Thursdays which are protected and we thank them for that.”

Rossiter was also confirmed again as Great Britain team boss for 2018 and he added: “I never thought it was in doubt to be honest as I wasn’t aware of any other contenders.

“But I’m delighted and proud to continue in the role.

“We are getting down to work with the boys soon and our fitness and nutrition specialists Chris Neville and Paul Sugitt are already on the case.

“There’s lots planned and I personally feel proud of my record with GB without actually winning the gold medal.”