ALUN Rossiter believes Troy Batchelor will return to Swindon Robins with a wiser head on his shoulders after striking a deal to bring the Australian back to the club for next season.

Batchelor returns for a third stint at the Abbey Stadium, having been a member of the Robins roster for four consecutive years between 2012 and 2015, and from 2008 to 2009 before that.

The former Swindon skipper has spent the last two seasons at SGB Premiership rivals King’s Lynn Stars, although he was released from the Norfolk outfit in controversial circumstances midway through the 2017 campaign.

Batchelor had turned in some impressive guest bookings for Swindon prior to his departure from the Stars and struck up a strong bond with the Robins team, many of whom have signed up again for next season.

The former Grand Prix rider turned 30 earlier this year and Rossiter believes a man of Batchelor’s experience will be an invaluable asset within his squad.

“We know what he brings to the table and he is a bit older and a bit more mature now,” said Rossiter.

“I know a few people have questioned him in the past but I am confident that we have got an even better Troy Batchelor in 2018.

“When he came in and covered for us this year, the riders all said how good he was with helping them out with set-ups and stuff. The rest of the team seem really happy about him coming in.

“He did really well for us whenever he guested and was really unlucky when he had a crash up at Leicester, it was massive.

“He was criticised by his own team at the time over his riding but when he rode for us up at Belle Vue, I think he got 12 points.

“We are more than happy to have him back as a Robin and I know he will do a good job.”

Although Batchelor may well still feel aggrieved about the episode at King’s Lynn, which also saw former world champion Chris Holder dropped by the club, Rossiter does not think he returns to Swindon with a point to prove.

“He ended up in that debacle at King’s Lynn when he was let go with Chris Holder but that is history now and we move on,” said Rossiter.

“Maybe that will fire him up a bit but we don’t really want to dwell on the past. You can’t keep looking behind you all the time, you have to look forward.

“Things happen and they happen for a reason. It’s the past and we want to move forward.”