SWINDON Robins’ team manager Alun Rossiter says there is nothing the club could have done after their meeting with Leicester Lions was called off after less than 30 seconds tonight.

In murky and drizzly conditions at the Abbey Stadium, Robins skipper Nick Morris and teammate Adam Ellis lined up against Lions number one Martin Vaculik and Michael Palm Toft in heat one.

Morris took the lead in the race, but then hit the deck on bend three, Palm Toft then being knocked by his teammate Vaculik as he tried to slow down.

Vaculik came off worse, with an ambulance being called and the Slovakian rider being placed on a stretcher and taken to hospital with an ankle injury.

Weather conditions have plagued the Robins’ fixture schedule so far this term, with just two meetings taking place since mid-March, but things looked to have improved for Leicester’s visit as the Robins looked to kick-start their SGB Premiership title defence.

Despite visibility being poor at the Abbey Stadium, the track itself looked to be in good condition despite the fog. But after both club captains agreed to call the meeting off, Rossiter admitted it was out of the club’s hands.

“You can’t help the weather and the visibility was getting worse,” he said. “We walked the track at 6.45pm and the track was perfect and we were all commenting on how good the track looked.

“The air was moist and once that comes down it turns the track into an ice rink.

“you can take the top layer off, that is fine but by the time you come back around it is wet again.

“The track was in good nick. It is just down to the mist, fog and drizzle coming in which has caused it.

“Both teams walked the track and both teams were happy with in.

“In between us doing that and warming the bikes up the drizzle got heavier.

“I’ve never had a season start like this before, I’ve had meetings snowed off, but this is the worst.”