JASON Doyle is set to undergo surgery to remove a plate in his right foot, just a month before Swindon Robins’ 2019 SGB Premiership campaign is due to start.

Australian ace Doyle, 33, sustained three broken bones in his foot 19 months ago when crashing heavily during heat 14 of a Polish Ekstraliga match between Zielona Gora and Torun.

The crash initially plunged Doyle’s hopes of being crowned world champion for the first time into major doubt, but he courageously continued to race – despite requiring crutches when walking – to win his first world title, 18 points clear of Pole Patryk Dudek.

The Newcastle-born racer competed with a plate still in his foot last season, as he failed to retain his world championship crown by finishing seventh but did prove himself one of the leading points scorers in the Polish, British and Swedish leagues.

With just eight weeks remaining until the season is expected to start, Doyle said his foot will finally be sorted in February with a recovery period expected to last 10 days.

He told speedwaygp.com: “I still have to sort the foot out in February.

“They’re taking the plate out, which is a quick and simple fix.

“They said recovery will take 10 days – just for the stitching to heal up and make sure there’s no infection.”

The Australian, who last season raced for Somerset Rebels, was announced as Alun Rossiter’s first winter signing towards the end of November.

Tobiasz Musielak, Adam Ellis, Troy Batchelor, Dawid Lampart, Zach Wajtknecht and James Shanes followed in Doyle’s footsteps as the Robins swiftly named their septet.

Doyle, meanwhile, has enjoyed an injury-free winter for the first time in five years, and will soon return to his Norwich base having spent the new year in Australia to watch the Australian Championships – won by Max Fricke – unfold.

“It’s the first time in maybe five seasons that I’ve finished the season with no major injuries,” said Doyle.

“Normally I am trying to chase my tail and get back to full fitness in the off-season, so it has been nice to sit back and get everything organised for next year.

“I’m feeling quite happy going into next season.”