ALUN Rossiter is not concerned about the prospect of a new speedway track at the Abbey Stadium negating home advantage for his Swindon Robins side in the early stages of the season.

Swindon are due to begin their 2019 SGB Premiership campaign at home to Belle Vue Aces on April 11 – the first meeting on the reshaped track at Blunsdon.

That is likely to create a level playing field between the teams, which could continue for the Robins’ first few home meetings as riders get to grips with the new circuit.

Team manager Rossiter is convinced the revamped track will make for a better racing spectacle and has backed his riders to get to grips with it quickly.

“I am not worried if the new track takes away a bit of home advantage. The lads are professionals and they will soon work it out and get over it,” said Rossiter.

“The riders will be fine and it’s just a matter of getting dialled in to the new shape of the track. I don’t think will be too hard, we’ve got some good, experienced racers.

“It is going to be wide – it won’t ride like a small track. It is bigger than Poole and Somerset’s new shape. We are not too worried at all.

“The old track had very long straights, but I think the new one will make for much better overtaking opportunities. We’re looking forward to getting on it.”

With the addition of former world champion Jason Doyle back into their ranks this season, the Swindon septet looks to be one of the strongest on paper amongst Premiership sides.

However, Rossiter says it is still far too early to even think about how his side compare to their rivals – and only a true assessment can be made once racing gets under way.

“I think we have got a very good chance but until the season gets going, there is no good really saying anything,” said Rossiter.

“A couple of years ago, you looked at it on paper and everyone said we had the worst team in the league, but we ended up winning it.

“You can’t judge until the season gets going. Some people hit form quickly whereas others take a little while to get going. It is difficult to make any predictions.”