FINISHING second at the British U21 Final on Saturday served as a confidence boost for Swindon Robins reserve Zach Wajtknecht, who is sure he has sourced the problem of his early-season woes.

The 21-year-old registered six points from seven rides at the Adrian Flux Arena against King’s Lynn Stars on Monday night as Alun Rossiter’s side were beaten 47-43 in the SGB Premiership Supporters’ Cup, a result that earned them another deserved consolation bonus point away from home.

A win in heat eight over Stars duo Simon Lambert and Erik Riss acted as a huge confidence boost for the Bristol-based youngster as he disposed of his previously poor top-tier form.

Wajtknecht said: “The British U21 Final at Berwick was a real boost for me, and it was good to get second.

“Performances like that do help psychologically, and I had a few problems that I have found now.

“It was nothing to do with my bikes, it was my kit, really. No matter what the level of racing is, if you’re winning races, you have that winning mentality.

“When I was at Lakeside in 2017, I was winning races in the National League and that gave me the confidence to climb the ladder and win races in higher tiers.

“It’s good to get a win for the Robins. Hopefully we can kick on now – I have a good idea of the set-ups needed.”

Dawid Lampart’s absence from the meeting, coupled with Adam Ellis’ tapes exclusion in heat eight, meant Wajtknecht raced in six of the opening nine races against King’s Lynn on Monday.

Feeling the effects of his seven-ride performance is inevitable the morning after.

But taking hits from the Norfolk track’s shale is by far his biggest pain during the meeting – as he compared being hit from behind like taking paintballs to his shin.

He added: “I didn’t feel too bad. King’s Lynn is a tough track – it’s quite grippy – and I will feel it in the morning.

“I wanted to ride, and in the Supporters’ Cup, reserves only get three rides – so to have seven is a big bonus.

“The stones hurt, on your hands and thighs. Some tracks are bad, but King’s Lynn is bad when you’re behind. But it could be worse.”

Meanwhile racing for Swindon isn’t something he thought would happen so soon in his career, given the club’s Premiership status.

“It’s a good club to be at, it’s one of the best in the country,” said Wajtknecht.

“I didn’t think I’d be racing at Swindon so soon – a few years ago I thought I was still quite a way off.

“It’s good to be involved at the club, and things are going well. We’re winning at home and keeping things close on the road.”