SWINDON Robins skipper Jason Doyle reached his first Grand Prix final of the season in the latest round of the world championship on Saturday night as Poland’s Janusz Kolodziej triumphed at the Czech Republic SGP.

Doyle missed out on a podium place at Prague’s Marketa Stadium after finishing fourth in the final but had the consolation of picking up a sizeable haul of 12 points.

Out front, Kolodziej triumphed ahead of Denmark's Leon Madsen and fellow Polish rider Patryk Dudek, with the latter pair now tied at the top of the world championship standings.

Australian ace Doyle had collected 11 points from the opening two rounds of the championship in Warsaw at Krsko, Slovenia, but showed a classy return to form in Prague – a venue where he has claimed SGP triumph twice previously.

Doyle’s evening got off to the ideal start with victory in his first outing before he followed it up with second place in his second rate.

Another second place followed in Doyle’s third race before he brought the curtain down on his heat exploits with victory in his final contest to finish with 10 points and qualify for the semi-finals.

Doyle then followed Madsen home in the first semi to qualify for the final, finishing ahead of Max Fricke and Artem Laguta, while Kolodziej and Dudek advanced from the second semi after beating Freddie Lindgren and Emil Sayfutdinov.

The Aussie was unable to add to his points tally in the final as he came home fourth, but the haul of 12 will be most satisfying as it represents Doyle’s best return of the season.

It puts him onto 23 points for the year and up to ninth in the standings, with Dudek and Madsen level at the top on 40 after the pair maintained their record of reaching every final this year.

But the night belonged to an elated Kolodziej, with the Pole claiming victory amid his first SGP season since 2011.

Kolodziej said: “Now maybe after this win, I can believe more in myself and I will try to win more.

“But there is not too much pressure on me. The best situation for me is when I just race. I don’t like too much pressure. We will see what happens. But this is so, so amazing. I am older, but I can still win.

“I will be thinking about this night. Now we’re driving to my place in Tarnow and I will be so happy on the road thinking about this meeting. I want to go to my team and give them a big hug. I feel amazing because this is my first time in first place in the GP.

“I am proud and I thanked God when I raced in the final because I had the best start. I finished first and now I can be happy with my work, my team and everybody.

“The starts were very important for me. I had good gates because I finished high in qualifying and took some of the best ones.

“I was focused at the starts. There were some nerves in the final heat, but my nerves were good. I dropped the clutch, went full gas and prayed to God.”

The next round of the world championship is the Swedish SGP in Hallstavik on July 6.

ANLAS CZECH SGP SCORES: 1 Janusz Kolodziej 15, 2 Leon Madsen 14, 3 Patryk Dudek 12, 4 Jason Doyle 12, 5 Max Fricke 13, 6 Fredrik Lindgren 12, 7 Emil Sayfutdinov 11, 8 Artem Laguta 9, 9 Bartosz Zmarzlik 8, 10 Maciej Janowski 7, 11 Robert Lambert 6, 12 Vaclav Milik 4, 13 Martin Vaculik 4, 14 Matej Zagar 4, 15 Antonio Lindback 4, 16 Niels-Kristian Iversen 3, 17 Zdenek Holub 0, 18 Ondrej Smetana DNR.

WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP STANDINGS: 1 Patryk Dudek 40, 2 Leon Madsen 40, 3 Bartosz Zmarzlik 36, 4 Fredrik Lindgren 32, 5 Emil Sayfutdinov 30, 6 Martin Vaculik 28, 7 Janusz Kolodziej 26, 8 Niels-Kristian Iversen 24, 9 Jason Doyle 23, 10 Artem Laguta 22, 11 Robert Lambert 21, 12 Matej Zagar 17, 13 Antonio Lindback 17, 14 Max Fricke 16, 15 Tai Woffinden 15, 16 Maciej Janowski 11, 17 Bartosz Smektala 10, 18 Vaclav Milik 4, 19 Matic Ivacic 2.