SWINDON Robins team manager Alun Rossiter felt his pre-meeting confidence was completely justified as the Abbey Stadium outfit comprehensively beat SGB Premiership league leaders Belle Vue Aces 55-35 on Monday night.

In the absence of the injured Pole, Tobiasz Musielak, Swindon’s remaining six riders stepped up to the plate and recorded strong points hauls to dismiss a Belle Vue team that had beaten Peterborough Panthers 62-28 on Thursday night.

Australian Troy Batchelor recorded five wins from five outings to claim the man of the match award while fan-favourite Rasmus Jensen picked up 13+1 from his quintet of rides.

The Robins’ rider of the month, Adam Ellis continued his excellent form with another big night – the young Brit scored 12+1 from five rides while captain Jason Doyle battled set-up problems and a troublesome shoulder to record 9+3.

On a night where the visiting Aces only recorded two heat advantages, Rossiter’s men got off to the perfect start with a 5-1 in the opening heat before stretching their lead to six points after Batchelor’s first heat win of the night.

The Australian briefly held the track record, so brief, it was only Batchelor’s for one heat.

Grand Prix rider Max Fricke pulled the advantage back to four in the following heat with a 4-2 in favour of the Aces while breaking the track record once again and becoming the first man to dip under 61 seconds on the new-look Abbey Stadium track.

Monday night’s racing was as exciting and as pass filled as the first outing nearly two months ago, and man of the night, Batchelor was full of compliments for the track staff while boss Rossiter tipped his cap to all the riders for putting on such an entertaining show for the fans.

Keen to highlight the efforts of in-form Batchelor after the 31-year-old’s stellar showing, Rossiter said: “It was a good night. As Troy said, if you give them the tools to do their job, they’ve got the tools to ride it well, so it just goes to show what they can do.

“Max Fricke rode his socks off tonight, but Jason (Doyle), Razza, Adam (Ellis) and Batch (Troy Batchelor) have beaten him.

“When he (Fricke) gets clear air, there are not many people that catch him, but Troy actually passed him coming from the back.

“He shot passed Doyley and then he shot passed Max – I’ve not seen that for a while.

“It’s a great feeling, it’s something we’ve been working hard on and long may it continue.”

With the lead at just four points after heat seven, Rasmus Jensen’s third outing signalled the start of the Robins kicking on and never looking back.

The charismatic Dane was initially excluded for touching the tapes in heat eight, however, going off the 15-meter handicap, Jensen picked off the two riders in front of him before setting his sights on Dimitri Berge.

Pipping the Aces man on the line to complete another stunning ride, Jensen’s win lit the touch paper for four consecutive heat advantages and a significant surge in momentum for the Robins.

Jensen netted three heat wins in a row during eight, nine and 10, before Batchelor picked up the torch during the final third of the meeting.

Belle Vue’s Fricke did his best to halt the Robins’ surge during the visitors’ second heat advantage of the night in heat 12, but a couple more heat advantages for the Robins capped off a superb night of racing at the Abbey.

Despite the significant gap in the final scoreline, Rossiter felt the Aces pushed his side all the way while stating his unerring belief in his side’s ability to beat anyone around the Abbey.

He said: “Full credit to Belle Vue – I know it says 55-35, but it wasn’t as easy as that.

“It was about making the moves at the right time.

“I said to the boys before the meeting I was confident we would win tonight.

“I kept reading things saying that we were going to lose, or it would be close, but I said to the boys, ‘I have every faith in you.'

“’If you go out there and do your job then we will win.’ And that’s what they did.

“Full credit to each and every one of them.”