Swindon Robins booked their spot in the SGB Premiership Supporters’ Cup final with a comprehensive 58-32 victory over King’s Lynn Stars at the Abbey Stadium on Thursday night.

Heading into the meeting knowing that a victory would ensure they appeared in their first cup final for 12 years, Alun Rossiter’s men looked untouchable from the second the tapes rose on the first heat.

Grand Prix star Jason Doyle was back to his best and snatched a perfect 15 points from his five rides while every other rider in the Robins line up bagged at least five points.

Troy Batchelor looked almost unbeatable in the majority of his races and picked up 13, Rasmus Jensen had a mixed night but produced some plucky comebacks for his 9+3 while Adam Ellis battled hard for his 8+1.

David Bellego suffered mechanical problems on his return and could only manage four points, however, the two reserves looked strong throughout – Ellis Perks (4+1) and Stefan Nielsen (5+2) claimed valuable points too.

The opening race proved to be rather more exciting than Rossiter had perhaps hoped for - Doyle just about managed to hold Stars man Robert Lambert off for all four laps with the Brit looking much the faster of the two riders in the shared race.

Meanwhile, new man Bellego struggled early on as he finished a fairly distant fourth.

Ellis Perks produced his best race in Swindon Kevlar during heat two as he managed to record the same winning time as Doyle had in the opening heat – 61.77.

Perks and debutant reserve Nielsen coasted their way around the track towards a comfortable 5-1 in the second.

The first heat win of the night for a visiting rider came in the third. Craig Cook made a perfect start and flew away from the chasing Robins as they shared the points.

And having romped to victory in his first race, Ellis Perks was then excluded for not making it onto the track in time in heat four.

Stefan Nielsen partnered Batchelor instead and it proved to be a fantastic stroke of luck for Rossiter as his boys claimed the second 5-1 of the night.

It was not a straightforward race though – Batchelor blasted away to claim first – while Nielsen wrestled with the bike on turn one and two as he nearly threw away a heat advantage.

Luckily for the Robins guest, he held on to second and an early paid maximum.

Jensen was not far off the track record for in his opener, but his race was not the one to watch in truth.

The action came in the battle for second as Ellis did well to clamp Lambert on the first bend before the wily British champion slid his way past on the second lap to snatch two points.

Jason Doyle surged to victory in heat six while Bellego gave everything in his power to blast around the outside of Kerr and snatch third.

The Frenchman tried to get past Proctor late on, but did well to stay on the bike as he slightly over-cooked his move on the final bend.

The heat of the night belonged to heat seven though – A re-run for early movement preceded Swindon gating on a 5-1 before Craig Cook somehow breezed past both Robins in one move to take the heat win.

In the meantime, Ellis Perks' bike had packed up, forcing the reserve to roll his bike around at crawling speed for over a lap.

Perks then had to run with it down the final stretch before sitting back on as he crossed the line.

At the conclusion of heat seven, Swindon’s lead was already 12 points, and with no Stars heat advantage all night, the distance between the two teams was only set to grow.

Bellego claimed his only heat win of the night in heat eight as Swindon moved ahead by two more while Jensen and Adam Ellis produced the Robins third 5-1 in nine heats in the next.

A couple more shared heats followed as Doyle and Batchelor led the way in heats 10 and 11.

Doyle was imperious once again in heat 12 and Ellis made a decent fist of trying to catch Cook once he'd been passed, but it was to no avail in a 4-2 for Swindon.

A final 5-1 in heat 13, courtesy of Batchelor and Jensen preceded a 4-2 in the fan-voted heat 14.

Doyle took the victory while Jensen, who had spent most of the race at the back, produced his famous final-bend dive to snatch a point.

Heat 15 resulted in no such excitement with Robert Lambert winning from the gate, but it mattered not as the Robins won by a substantial margin on the night.