TROY Batchelor emphasised the importance of dominating teams at home following the Robins’ 50-40 victory against King’s Lynn Stars at the Abbey Stadium on Thursday.

Alun Rossiter’s men moved up into fourth in the SGB Premiership table thanks to their result and Peterborough Panthers’ shock loss at home to Wolverhampton Wolves.

And with a two-tier table having formed in the race for the play-offs, the 31-year-old believes it is more important than ever to not allow the sides below them to escape the Abbey with a consolation point to their names.

Reflecting on the Robins’ mid-week win, Batchelor said: “It was a great win. We stopped them getting any points as well, which is ideal.

“Every time you let somebody sneak a point at home – even though we still get a win, they still get a point – it hinders us climbing up the table and we want to get up there.

“Winning with maximum damage is great and to pick up some points on the road like we did on Monday (against Wolves) is great too.”

And despite some fans’ concerns that the Robins are falling too far behind in the race for the top-four, Batchelor was quick to reassure those supporters that Rossiter’s side are more than comfortable with their current situation.

“The table doesn’t really matter until the end of the year, but it’s also nice to be up there,” said Batchelor.

“I’d rather have a few matches in hand and be a little bit below in the table to know what we’ve got to do to catch the guys above us.

“The way things are right now, it might work out in our favour. We’ll just keep taking each meeting at a time and see where it gets us.”