SWINDON Robins team manager Alun Rossiter was glowing with pride after recent success for two of his side’s assets in the last fortnight.

Robins skipper Jason Doyle added to his list of personal accolades with victory in the International Individual Ekstraliga Championship two weekends back.

Meanwhile, main body rider Adam Ellis booked a spot in the Grand Prix Challenge in Slovakia next month following his third place finish in the Italian GP qualifying event across the same weekend.

With both still a part of the Robins set-up, the pair’s team boss was delighted to see his boys continue their good form in a year where Swindon opted not to take part in British speedway.

Rossiter said: “They’re still Swindon assets, and they’ve done exceptionally well which is good news.

“Jason will be gearing himself up for the Grand Prix’s shortly, so he’ll take a lot of confidence from that win certainly.

“I’m a big fan of Adam Ellis too. I always have been, I like the way he rides the bike.

“He keeps reminding me that he’s a slow burner, and I told him that he needs to speed up a bit!

“Adam can adapt to most tracks too – big or small. He’s one of those riders that is so versatile, and that’s a big plus.”

The 55-year-old admitted he hasn’t been to as many meetings as he would have liked this year but he is keeping an eye on his riders in any way he can.

Rossiter said: “I’ve been reading about a lot of the meetings and events as I’ve been driving quite a bit and working.

“But I did get to Glasgow for the Grand Prix qualifier with American rider Max Ruml – that was my first meeting since we won the league against Ipswich in 2019!”

And with the Robins expected to roar back into action when the 2022 speedway season gets underway, Rossiter revealed he has maintained good contact with co-promoter Lee Kilby.

Rossiter said the pair’s conversations have mostly been good fun, but the odd counselling session has been required as crowds continue to be permitted into sporting events that are not speedway.

He said: “I speak to Lee every couple of weeks, and we have a bit of banter about something or I wind him up about something that’s gone wrong down there.

“But if you’re a speedway promoter and you’ve seen the scenes at Wimbledon over the first couple of days, yet they won’t allow people in a stadium where you can spread out – it’s crazy.”