FORMER Swindon Town midfielder Tommy Miller said there are plenty of perils that come with being a player-manager.

The former Sunderland man took charge of the first team for two games back in 2013 alongside defender Darren Ward.

The duo clinched one point from two matches in their brief stint in charge, and Miller says the club’s current interim player-manager, Matt Taylor, will have experienced plenty of changes since taking on the role.

Taylor has made 23 appearances already this season and with that in mind, Miller says the former Portsmouth man will do well to juggle both playing and managing.

“It was tough because as an experienced player you’re asked to take the team for a bit while we had all sorts happening,” said the 39 year old.

“I think the biggest problem was we (Ward and himself) were both playing. In hindsight, I think one of us should have stepped out because it was hard to juggle playing and managing.

“It’s full on. You’re not just looking after yourself like you do when you’re just a player, as a manager you control the whole thing.

“You’re there until five in the evening. You get phone calls, news on the opposition and people trying to jump on the bandwagon so I don’t know what Taylor will do.

“He’s been playing and he’s scored a few goals but it is a hard thing to juggle the two.

"With me and Darren, we had Jamie Pitman on the sidelines for advice because we were both on the pitch.

“They (Town) are in a great position and it is an opportunity he might have of thought he was going to get, I am sure he is relishing it.”

Miller played under former Swindon boss David Flitcroft during his time at Bury and admits it was bad timing for the ex-Town chief to make the switch to Mansfield Town.

But he feels the players must pull together for the club and Taylor, despite their inevitable frustrations with Flitcroft’s departure.

“I think the players will feel frustrated with Flitcroft. Especially the likes of Marc Richards, he’s just signed and hit the ground running,” he said.

“He is a great goal scorer at that level he will get them up the leagues 100 per cent, so I think he will feel a little bit let down.

“He obviously told the players to come to Swindon and then left them in the lurch a little bit. There is never a good time to leave.

“Obviously they’ve now got to get their heads down and play for the club, because they’re who pay their wages.”