IN THE group’s latest column, Trust STFC update fans on the ownership battle for Swindon Town and how people can join in with their boycott of funding to the County Ground club.

The rollercoaster of a Covid summer took another twist this week, but while we may all have to wait a bit longer before we take that final step back to normality, the battle for the long-term health of Swindon Town took an almighty turn for the good.

For a full breakdown of Tuesday’s court case and what happens next through the expert eyes of our legal adviser James Maton of Cooley’s, head to the TrustSTFC website.

But the message is clear; the court has concluded that Clem Morfuni’s Axis has the right to purchase 100 per cent of the club from Lee Power.

So now, it’s a matter of when, not if, but this is not the time to celebrate.

Power has until Friday, June 25 to prove he is willing and able to fund the club while the pre-emption rights of Axis are progressed.

The Town chairman has pledged that he has the financial prowess to fund the club until September so, in his own words, there is no risk of further financial damage to the club by the ongoing boycott.

It is the Trust’s opinion that any money put into the club now risks funding Lee Power’s life post-STFC.

Every single penny from shirt sales (not that they’re on sale yet) or season tickets – remember those – will be needed to fund the rebuild of our club when Power has left.

It is absolutely vital that the Trust encourages all fans to maintain the boycott if season tickets, friendly tickets or merchandise goes on sale in the coming days and weeks.

Any money that goes into the club now will, in our opinion, leave the club with Power, rather than fund the rebuild we will be left with.

If Power can fund the club until September, as he has said in a court of law, then the boycott in no way threatens the financial health of the club in the long term – it simply reduces the money Power walks away with at the end of this and thus reduces his motivation to cling on.

The writing is on the wall – now is the time to double down on the boycott, focus on maintaining a unified fan base, and give Lee Power no motivation whatsoever to cling on to a club he has no legal right to own anymore.