AS England face off against Germany in the Euros tonight, thousands of us will be watching the match with baited breath at home and with other football fans at pubs around the town.

Before it begins, we asked where Adver readers would be enjoying the big game and whether employers should let them leave work early to get home in time for the 5pm kick-off.

Some readers predicted how the match would play out while others expressed their disinterest in the international football tournament.

Lyn Saunders: "Definitely, should be allowed to leave work early There are not many English things we can support anymore, let them home to support our English team."

Sean Kemble: "If they get to the semis then yeah."

Keira Culverhouse-Newman: "We can but we have to make the time back up!"

Doreen Sibley: "No. It’s not life or death related. Should have booked the day off."

Jennie Fellowes: "Only if those that don’t want to watch it can leave at the same time too."

Kim Goodall: "It’s funny how many staff suddenly become football experts when there is a chance of going home early to watch the football."

Nichola Reed: "Yes so I don't have to go into work at 5."

Damien Davis: "Well, when you say "Leave work early" - technically, according to government guidance, you should continue to work from home where you can."

Patrick McLaughlin: "They need to leave about two hours early because of all the traffic in Swindon."

Angela Dollimore: "No not a chance. Is it a matter of life or death? No I think not. People who ask such stupid questions like this make me so mad."

Charlie Vane: "Record it and stay off Facebook until you've watched it."

Sian Davis: "Depends on your job really doesn't it."

David Rumming: "Only if I’m allowed to go early to watch Formula 1."

Debbie Spindler: "I'll be watching at home but my lucky son will be at Wembley, can’t wait for the game."

Lisa Anderson-Davis: "Watching in Germany. I’m still rooting for England though. Will even be wearing an England shirt!"

Amjad Qazi: "Watching at Saffron Tandoori while serving our lovely customers."

Donna Rivers: "Paignton, Devon on the seafront, away from Swindon!"

Veronique Stevens: "I'll be hiding behind the living room sofa watching through my fingers."

Neal Chambers: "Don't know don't care! England have no passion and no desire to win .

"Kane is supposed to be one of the best strikers in the world and as yet he hasn't even had a shot on goal! It will be the same old outcome and the Germans will win."

Sanjay Soni: "Yes good luck and best wishes to England."

Jackie Pontin: "I won't be. Will be watching the tennis."

Liz Watson: " Watching anything else, even paint dry."

Sue Allen: "I won't watch, can't stand football."

Tracey Sarson: "Overpaid men, the money should go to people who save lives, surgeons, firefighters, nurses ."

Colin Peake: "Ah, the game where you get a slight knock somewhere on your body and then roll around on the floor for 10 minutes trying to cheat the ref onto giving you a penalty. No thanks, s a complete waste of money."