TRUST STFC updates fans on the current ownership saga and go on record to publicly thank Clem Morfuni for his continued commitment in buying the club.

In a week when a heroic effort by the England team fell just short of bringing football home, the thoughts of Swindon fans will not have been far away from the protracted sale of the club to Clem Morfuni.

Understandably, fans are concerned about the length of time this is taking and the impact it is having on everyone associated with the club, none more so than the staff who were not paid in June.

This was further put into focus this week following the cancellation of the pre-season game against Swansea due to “ongoing logistical and operational issues”.

This is a worrying time. However, we can assure fans that Clem Morfuni remains 100% committed to purchasing STFC, as demonstrated by his application to the EFL for full ownership. Once granted, our hope is that the shares will be transferred immediately, and again we call on Lee Power to co-operate with this process to ensure the future of the football club he claims to care for.

On becoming owner, Clem Morfuni faces a big challenge with the new season only weeks away. Players and coaches need to be recruited, and it is the Trust’s understanding that these plans are in place, however, the longer the process takes the more difficult this will be.

He will also inherit significant debts including unpaid rent on the County Ground, all of which will require investment and come at great personal expense. There also remains the outstanding FA charges which may bring further problems.

Despite all of this, he is determined to buy the club and the Trust would like to go on record to publicly thank him. We know that some fans will remain sceptical, but as a Trust we have committed to holding Clem Morfuni to account and there is little doubt that without his intervention the existence of STFC would be under threat.

The confidentiality surrounding the process of the transfer of shares means there is limited information that can be made public, but we know it’s close. Once completed, we call on fans to repay the commitment which Clem Morfuni has shown and support him and the club in whatever way they can.

It’s been a tough week for England fans but positive change is around the corner for Swindon fans.