ADVER Sport reporter Jonny Leighfield has his say on all the latest at Swindon Town Football Club.

The past seven days have been absolutely surreal if I’m honest. It’s no secret the previous regime and I were not on each other’s Christmas card list, but to think a football club’s relationship with the local media can be this open and respectful is astonishing to me.

I’ve never been able to just wander up to Town’s owner after a game for a chat or ring the CEO up and ask them a question before. I’ve only ever known silence, being ignored, or being banned from asking questions.

I keep telling myself “you don’t know you’re born” because – throughout the two years or so I’ve been doing this – I’ve always felt like it was a case of ‘us against them’ when trying to do my job.

However, Swindon Town now has a board who wants to listen, improve, and communicate with everyone.

They have made that abundantly clear from the outset, and the early signs have suggested this administration plans to keep to their word.

Even the the club’s tweets have been far more regular and far more informative than the vast majority of messages over the past year.

I’ve no doubt this past week has been incredibly tough for Clem Morfuni, Rob Angus, and everyone who is doing their bit to help turn this ship around.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank every one of them for that, and ask that we work together going forward so that both can prosper in this new era at the County Ground. A challenge of this magnitude will need everyone pulling in the same direction.

The League Two season starts next week – and I will be heading up to Scunthorpe to resume Match Day Live, match reports, reaction pieces, and of course, player ratings.

There has been so much… let’s say mulch to deal with over the past six months, I’ve almost missed readers calling me an idiot over my choice of number next to a player’s name. Almost.

Jokes aside, how incredibly beautiful is it that we’re now in a position where we can just talk about football again?

Of course, the club is not completely out of the woods, but this situation could be an awful lot different if Mr Morfuni hadn’t forced this sale through with the help of absolutely every one of us Town fans.

So let’s be thankful and stay patient, and let’s be understanding, kind and helpful to each other. After all, we nearly didn’t have a club to support.