SWINDON Town Official Supporters Club treasurer Tim Keen pens his latest thoughts following a highly encouraging start for Ben Garner’s side.

Well isn’t is great to be a Swindon Town fan again? I know Saturday’s result wasn’t the one we all wanted, but it was clear to see how much progress the club has made in the past few weeks.

That progress continued on Tuesday night as well as Town took a point against Tranmere Rovers on a night where both goalkeepers were in outstanding form.

We remain hopeful that we can nick all three points against Salford City on Saturday and continue this encouraging start to the season.

Was it really only on a balmy summer’s evening, just four weeks ago, that we all gathered at the Webbswood Stadium to try and catch a glimpse of Clem Morfuni after the takeover had been confirmed?

I was lucky enough to grab a few minutes with Clem myself before the Carlisle match on Saturday, and it’s hard not to be impressed by how open and honest he is. Given the pressure he must be under (don’t forget he’s got his own business to manage), it’s incredible how much time he has for all the fans and anyone who wants to talk to him or grab a selfie!

Praise also to Rob Angus who has done an outstanding job in pulling the club back into shape and getting everything ready for the new season. Again, let’s not forget he’s also still winding down his old job at Nationwide – a real herculean effort!

Finally, on the pitch things are starting to take shape. Ben Garner is a sharp, articulate manager and clearly has a blueprint for how he wants his team to play. With Ben Chorley scouting some exciting young talent, it feels like a successful season is just round the corner.

There are a few more pieces of the jigsaw to fill, but I’m confident this will happen sooner rather than later. As a side-note to that, it is also incredible that a player with the ability of Jonny Williams should want to drop two divisions purely to link up with Ben Garner again.

We hope everyone enjoyed the tifo on Saturday – it looked great from the Arkells Stand! The OSC joined up with the Trust, GW Reds and STFC Foundation to get this out on display, and this is just one of many examples where everyone in and around the club seems to be pulling in the same direction.

Long may it last!