ADVER Sport assess the performances of the Swindon Town players following the club’s 2-0 win away at Forest Green Rovers on Saturday.

Lewis Ward: 10

If the goalkeeper has ever had a better game than that, I’d love to see it. He made four or five brilliant saves, dominated his box, his distribution was airtight. And to top it off, a penalty save. Outstanding.

Rob Hunt: 8

Hunt did a really good job of keeping Nicky Cadden quiet and managed to get forward regularly as well. His experience was evident at times, frustrating FGR and helping Town to implement their game plan.

Akin Odimayo: 7

I thought he was a little rusty in the first half but seemed more relaxed after the break. Made one or two errors but overall, a pretty strong outing.

Dion Conroy: 8

Conroy enjoyed the better of a battle with Jamille Matt and was a key reason the ball never stuck up front. The verdict of that mini-battle was a key reason that Town managed to win the game too.

Romoney Crichlow: 8

Crichlow seemed to be in the thick of the action, and more often than not came out with his desired outcome. I thought he backed Iandolo up really well on the left and made some key interceptions.

Ellis Iandolo: 8

The left-back was as strong as I’ve seen him this year. Getting forward is what he does best, but defensively he was pretty sound once again.

Louis Reed: 8

Reed linked up superbly with his midfield peers, exchanging passes and recognising where he needed to be to fill gaps. Maybe not the most eye-catching display considering his teammates’ performances, but I thought his play was so smart throughout.

Jack Payne: 8

We should be used to it by now, but Payne’s energy levels are astounding every game. His press forced FGR to play backwards a lot, helping the team out defensively. Going forward, he made a few good runs into the box too. Subbed.

Ben Gladwin: 8

Gladwin is beginning to his straps now after two really good performances in a row. The cross for McKirdy’s goal is excellent – something I only realised after seeing the highlights back. He looked sharp added a different dimension to the Town midfield. Subbed.

Harry McKirdy: 9

The maverick forward enjoyed probably his best game in a Town shirt with driving runs, good energy, and a fantastic finish to boot. He might have been a 10 too if Simpson hadn’t nicked his chipped effort and there wasn’t some petulance which earned him a yellow card. Booked. Subbed.

Tyreece Simpson: 8

Simpson bagged his fourth goal of the season thanks to a poacher’s instinct he is slowly staring to develop. His footwork was so sharp too, he rolled away from attempted tackles plenty of times. A great way to bounce back after last week.


Mathieu Baudry: N/A

Came on too late to receive a rating.

Ryan East: N/A

Came on too late to receive a rating.

Jordan Lyden: N/A

Came on too late to receive a rating.