I attended the PCC Candidates Question Time in Swindon with an open mind and much enthusiasm. By the end of the session, I was sorely disappointed by the political candidates.

There was not one mention from them about a policy or any ideas on how to cut crime. They merely talked about themselves and not how or what they will do to enhance policing in Wiltshire.

The questions from the audience were poor and the Lib Dem candidate had no clue and did not answer the question asked.

The other members of the political candidates had not researched the issues and concerns around hate crime and the role of the voluntary sector. They were only interested in telling us how “non-political” they would be and clearly they are not!

After seeing and learning what the political candidates had to say, I will definitely not be voting for them!

G Lavers Swindon

...bar one

I went to the PCC hustings and with one exception, the line up of candidates was a mix of the sad and bad.

It was clear that all the political parties had just chosen anyone who would volunteer. None of them had any policies or would answer a question directly.

Only the second independent, Colin Skelton, sounded plausible or put forward ideas or suggestions to improve things.

I was deeply disappointed by the quality of the candidates put forward by our political parties.

P Chivers Swindon

Adopting reward

Being an adoptive father with two wonderful children whom I have watched grow up over the last 10 years has been a very positive experience.

As any prospective adoptive parent I was concerned I would not be equal to the task and whilst at times it’s been challenging, it has also been immensely rewarding.

It’s National Adoption Week so If you feel you could make a difference and would like like to know more go to www.nationaladoptionweek.org.uk, or www.baaf.org.uk/about, or follow on Facebook and Twitter.

Matthew Paterson Headlands Grove Swindon

Christ-mas here

I read with interest the article on the Bible Society launching their range of greetings cards telling the real story of Christmas and their concern at the lack of nativity cards generally. Congratulations to them for making the cards available but I thought I should write to say that people in the Swindon area should have no problem finding ‘Christian’ Christmas cards. A wide range is available at the Christian bookshops in the area, namely ourselves, the Lighthouse Bookshop in Highworth, together with the Rainbow Bookshop on Edgware Road, Archangel on Victoria Hill and the Mustard Seed in Faringdon. Also, if you want your children to know more of the Christmas story we all have many books available re-telling it in a variety of ways. Do call in and see all that we have to offer this year, I am sure that you will not be disappointed.

Malcolm Swift Manager, Lighthouse Bookshop High Street Highworth Swindon

Blowing cash

What recession? Fags, alcohol and now fireworks always come first. Two weeks before Bonfire Night and many of us gentle old folk are plagued by assorted freaks, weirdos, loonies, losers and whack jobs setting off their fireworks. Apologies to the considerate fire starters.

The dangerous socially stunted perps need to visit our magistrate’s court. Rituals really ought to be practised on or near to their proper Feast Days. I empathise with poor old dears and/or their pets that can be driven insane by the annual racket.

We have the double whammy of Halloween, another excuse for anti-social behaviour, generally perpetrated by the young. Irresponsible parents are equally culpable if they fail to teach their offspring about manners and respect.

It would be fascinating to test how many people understand why we celebrate Halloween and Bonfire Night. Be safe, have fun but please try to have a modicum of thought for the neighbours.

Ms A Reeve Old Town Swindon