I found the report on the march of the TA (Adver 22nd October) extremely disappointing.

There were three reasons why the TA marched through Swindon. Firstly, to commemorate the 10th Anniversary of the award of the Freedom of Swindon to the Regiment. Secondly, to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the 2nd Battle of El Alamein. Thirdly, for all troops, on arrival at the Civic Offices, to witness the signing of the Military Community Covenant in the Council Chamber.

It is a well known fact that those serving in the armed forces and their reserves in doing so, sacrifice some civilian freedoms, face danger and sometimes suffer serious injury as a result of their duty. Their families also play a vital role supporting the operational effectiveness of our armed forces.

Any serviceman knows that posted unaccompanied to an operational zone leaving his family with personal problems is never in a position to provide his comrades their proper and deserved support. In return the whole nation has a moral obligation to the regular and reserve services to provide this support.

The signing of the Community Covenant seals a document that puts in writing the obligation involving the whole of society, Central Government, Local Government, voluntary and charitable organisations, private bodies and the actions of individuals supporting the armed forces.

The Covenant will apply those who served in the past, in the present and in the future both to regular and reserve services and their families who should face no disadvantage compared to civilian citizens in the provision of public and commercial services. Special consideration is appropriate in some cases, especially for the bereaved and those who have suffered injuries which will cause trauma for the rest of their lives.

Your readers will see that the parade was a method of getting signatories together. Myself as Mayor, the leaders of all three groups on the Council, representatives of the three armed services and their reserves, together with representatives from various local organisations and charities. The Covenant will be reviewed each year as to its success or otherwise.

Many years ago I removed from a Service dentist’s waiting room a sign which read “Pain is mind over matter. I don’t mind and you don't matter”. Rewritten for today is our Borough's version, “We do mind and you do matter.”

Mick Bray Mayor of Swindon Freshbrook Swindon

Brown left mess

Peter Smith should be the one doing the reality check.

My letter said that those who were doing the jeering were those who were being put in place regarding payouts.

Those who were cheering Mr Brown, were those who came in the back door of immigration control, and those who sulking with him, (seen in the house of Commons since 2010 about 20 times, while he plays the world with his speeches on how to sell gold at a loss or ruin the poor with 10p tax hikes).

Perhaps he can explain how we are making the rich richer.

I expect he is having a dig at the tax of high earners going down from 50 per cent to 45 per cent, which was brought about by the realisation that the higher tax wasn’t bringing in the tax.

If that is the case, can he explain why Labour had the higher tax band at 40 per cent for 13 years and only put it up to 50 per cent one month before the election? That’s reality Peter. As for boosting the deficit, would he care to say what the financial state of this country would be, had Mr Brown won the election, given the mess he left.

T Reynolds Wheeler Avenue Swindon

A great show

I have to write to say what a superb show of Annie SALOS performed last week – it was “too good I watched it twice”! – and enjoyed it immensely each time.

Both Annie’s played by Sally Rudd and Beth Fisher were awesome and awe-inspiring – singing beautifully and playing their parts with a sweet innocence – bringing a tear to my eye. Both sets or orphans The Farrell’s and The Warbuck’s performed with such enthusiasm and energy, bringing their own individuality through in each of their characters, and were always full of fun, and mischief and always in character– their singing, dancing and acting was superb – all of them stars in the making!

Then there was Oliver Warbucks –whose booming voice stamped his authority on the show – but then his sensitive side shone through –and was brilliantly performed.

Miss Hannighan – was horridly horrid – with touches of great humour as were Rooster and Lilly St Regis – both real “rotters” but with fantastically funny performances. Grace Farrell was “graceful” and elegant and the whole cast were polished and professional – I cannot praise them enough! The sets and scenery were stunning as were the costumes. Well done SALOS the show was a real tribute to everyone’s hard work and commitment– and I can’t wait to the next one!


Fighting disease

I read your article “Run sees target smashed in memory of Cricklade dad, Wayne Wilson” on 29th October. Wayne died of leukaemia aged just 26, and his friends are raising money for Leukaemia & Lymphoma research.

There should be more information given out on the causes of such diseases. Researcher Edward Priestley contracted severe aplastic anaemia (bone marrow destruction) from workplace toxic chemicals and doctors didn’t think he would survive – but decades later his blood count is normal. He found the causes of leukaemia include toxic chemicals, radiation and certain medical drugs. Benzene is a proven cause of leukaemia and yet is widely used by industry. By avoiding chemical causes he survived and helps others. He has no ‘magic bullet’ cure – just common-sense information to give the body the best chance. Visit: www.medicineandillness.com The EU now admit that many chemicals were allowed into common use without proper safety testing to see if they cause cancer. Preventing the disease in the first place would save so much suffering. Well done to Wayne’s friends for raising so much money.

A Wills Dulverton Road Ruislip Middlesex

More poison

Frank Avenell’s claim, that immigrants have caused a crisis for the health service, is nonsense.

Immigrant labour was central to the building of the NHS.

It was paid for by an economy whose growth would have been impossible without immigration. Today the problems of the NHS are caused by under funding and privatisation.

Private corporations have raided it for decades and are now taking it over so they can suck even more profit from it.

The extreme right wing tabloid press, which Mr Avenell draws his world view from, back the destruction of the NHS even as it blames immigrants for that destruction.

Blaming immigrants, divide and rule, is a classic way that the rich elite in our society make it easier to rob ordinary people.

In fact immigrants use the NHS less and pay more for it than their proportion of the population would indicate.

And then Mr Avenell’s some time supporter and co “thinker”, G Ing, in the very next letter, suggests that society can’t afford education so people should stop being born. Do we need to point out that in any society the elderly need young people?

Peter Smith Woodside Avenue Swindon

...Well done, Frank

I read Frank Avenell’s letter published on October 19 with interest.

He speaks for the silent majority, I feel, that seems to have lost its voice, that silent majority having been cowed into silence by political correctness and fear.

A big up to Frank. It’s good to see that someone still has a backbone.

Mr CJ MEEK Cloche Way Upper Stratton Swindon

...We can’t cope

Once again it seems that Frank Avenell has attracted a lot of criticism for speaking out on the subject of over subscribed immigration. What Frank possibly omitted to say, or was not aware of, was that a recently published government report confirms that immigration cannot be viably sustained any longer, and steps are now been drawn to stem the flow, thus reversing Tony Blair's New Labour grand plan to flood the country with migrants from the Indian sub-continent on a false premise that it would boost the Labour vote.

The report also stated that unfortunately this could not apply to EU citizens, especially the large number of newly joined East European nations.

So I am certain Frank is no racist, and is simply and rightly speaking about a past government failure which has at last has been finally recognised by Ed Miliband and his merry men.

Ian Hunt Hill View Road Swindon

Many thanks

We would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to everyone who donated to our collection at Sainsbury’s Bridgemead store, we raised an excellent £820.

It costs £5 a day to support a guide dog partnership. The amount raised will support a partnership in Swindon for just over 21 weeks.

We would also like to thank the staff of Sainsbury’s Bridgemead for their help and support.

Alan Fletcher Swindon Guide Dogs for the Blind