REGARDING the article My sick horse upset by hunt' (SA, November 3).

I totally sympathise with Debbie Coffey over the incident when her poorly horse Dolly was sent into a frenzy by the antics of the hunt.

There are many, many horse owners across these counties who have had similar experiences and I am just one of them.

It happened to me a few years back but I see that the attitude of the hunt masters remains just as rude and dismissive to this day.

If I was Mrs Coffey, I would look into the possibility of suing the hunt involved for professional negligence.

This would be on the basis that a hunt which is either trail hunting or so-called flushing, knows in advance where they will be during the day so they can forewarn all local residents. This should be made obligatory anyway because of the obvious dangers posed by having a pack of dogs loose in the countryside.

So, if Mrs Coffey did not have sufficient warning and then suffered trespass with the costly consequences as described, and the hunt were made aware of the havoc they were causing at the time, but gave no satisfactory response, then I would say this is a description of negligent behaviour on the part of the hunt. What else would you call it?

The hunts and the farms on which they meet are businesses and, as such, will have indemnity insurance so I would urge Mrs Coffey and all others like her not to hesitate to make a claim.

It won't restore peace of mind but it might force these hunt supporters to show some consideration for others in the future. It's long overdue.

G PURSER Cheltenham