I have just read that following the horrific attack by a fox on a new born baby in its home, a schoolgirl has now been attacked while out jogging, the fox described as snarling, hissing and growling.

So what is the natural nature of a fox? Well, in fact it is a vicious, cruel killing machine.

I wonder if Philip Beaven has ever seen a sabotaged chicken coop where a fox has broken into, not just to kill one bird to feed herself and her cubs, but then gone on to slaughter the rest of the flock in a frenzy of killing?

I am fed up with hearing about the do-gooders, the townies, who think they can manage the countryside better than the people who live, work, nurture and preserve it. Like the animal rights activists, who years ago, unlawfully cut fences and broke into mink farms and released hundreds of mink to the wild, where they multiplied and soon devastated our water birds, fish and water voles, Mr Beaven also believes the hunt is responsible for trapping and releasing urban foxes into the countryside. Why would they do that?

Regarding his remarks about Pippa Burr’s lambs being attacked and mauled by mange and diseased ridden foxes, I am sure her lambs are bred, reared and slaughtered in a humane way as per very stringent laws. They should not have to suffer being chased, mauled and torn apart by this apparent friend, the fox.

A Curtis Kingsley Avenue Royal Wootton Bassett