Stop privatisation

Your correspondent G. Woodward writes many interesting and illuminating letters regarding privatisation, particularly the sadly inevitable sale of Royal Mail (despite operating at a profit and making money on behalf of us taxpayers).

In his latest contribution he talks of what he calls the Swindon disease – apathy. Unfortunately, this is not confined to Swindon but I prefer to call it disenfranchisement. All the major parties are now locked in to a neo-liberal ideology. So despite the evidence that privatised companies are still tax payer subsidised, innefficient and ripping customers off while at the same time awarding directors and shareholders massive salaries, bonuses and dividends, all the main parties are determined to continue selling off our assets.

I get the feeling that more and more people are becoming disillusioned with the behaviour and performance of privatised companies but feel powerless to do anything about it because all the parties capable of forming a government are sticking to the same disastrous policy.

R More North Street Swindon

Hunting is sinful

THE RSPCA is being attacked by rich and powerful people, the Countryside Alliance, newspapers and politicians, because the RSPCA has successfully prosecuted huntsmen who are breaking the law.

Into this situation steps the Archbishop of Canterbury, who now gives up his support of the RSPCA and it is revealed he has been on pheasant shoots.

We as Christians try to follow the example of Christ, often failing. Can we imagine Jesus killing birds for sport?

He said: “Are not two sparrows sold for a farthing? And one of these shall not fall to the ground without your father knowing.” Matthew 10 verse 29 REV HW JONES Summer House Road Wroughton

Fire lit awareness

IN the early hours of Bank Holiday Monday 1983, someone broke into Croft Sports Centre and lit two fires.

The one in the office took hold and caused considerable damage before the fire service arrived.

The late councillor Mrs Walters, living nearby and chair of the centre committee, was soon involved in supporting staff who, of course, were initially suspected. The police investigation eliminated them and others but did not identify the culprit.

Wiltshire County Council officers were quickly on the scene too, to bring planning repairs, to consult staff and users, and to arrange for as many as possible of the community and sporting activities to continue.

This incident highlighted to the users, the local community and the authorities the significance of Croft, and set in motion the gradual improvement to the facilities year by year.

JOHN MB DAVIES Englefield Royal Wootton Bassett

Pictor family hunt

Although not a Pictor by name, my mother is a Pictor. I am looking for descendants and relatives of John Pictor (sometimes Picter) (1849-1925) and Emma Mills (1849-1926).

This includes descendants of their grandchildren, Jack and Eileen Cowley, Lilian Pictor, Harry Kenneth Pictor, Joyce E Pictor, or great grandchildren Peter Barlow, Lesley E Pictor and Janet E Pictor, Norman Douglas Pictor, Vivian Malcolm Pictor, Nigel Stuart Pictor and Martin Andrew Pictor.

Additionally, any descendants of John and Emma’s siblings would be welcome to contact me to exchange information, photos etc. Sorry, no great inheritances, just for our family tree! Contact details:

Mervyn Sellick St Albans Road Hemel Hempstead Hertfordshire Local disaster Thank you for publishing a 1960s photo of the newly opened Queensfield pub.

The building is little changed, but readers might like to witness the impact of many years of the particularly iniquitous business rates that pubs have to pay to the Government. The Council’s gormless experimental closure of the Queensfield’s access road last year cannot have helped either. Estate pub anyone?

Ray Fisher Cricklade Rd Swindon