People who want to get a ticket for an Arts Centre production can no longer book up there; they have to do it through the Wyvern Theatre box office. The Arts Centre cafe has closed and will open only for evening performances and matinees. The room, with its shuttered cafe, still has books, tables and chairs in it, but enjoying a read with a coffee is finished. How unwelcoming it all seems. What is the intent? To run the venue down until it is so uninviting that it can be sold off or knocked down? There has been plenty of time for ideas to be generated so that the facility continues as a wonderful place for the public to enjoy. What on earth do the council and HQ Theatres think they are doing? Despite doing a mini U-turn on our library's opening hours (but only until June) they seem to have buried their heads in the sand on everything else.

HQ Theatres took over on April 2. It’s not a great start, is it?

Shirley Burnham, Arundel Close, Swindon