The badger culls have started again in Gloucester and Somerset despite the fact that last year’s culls proved to be ineffective at controlling TB, as well as being extremely cruel with many animals taking 20 minutes or more to die.

The Government was advised by independent experts not to go ahead with the cull, but no, they thought they knew better than the experts and thousands of those beautiful, harmless creatures have died for nothing.

Most Conservative MPs, including our town MPs Robert Buckland and Justin Tomlinson, voted in favour of the cull and never mind what their constituents think!

The Government is too arrogant to admit when it is wrong and of course Swindon’s two representatives got promotions and are more concerned with keeping in with Cameron than being what we want.

I used to vote Conservative but after the badger cull there is no way I am ever voting for that party again.

How we treat our animals is important, as it reflects on how civilised we are and how we treat our fellow human beings.

I hope and pray people will vote Labour next May and get this evil killing against our badgers scrapped and the hunt ban booted up.

Even though I cannot get to the cull zones myself, I am donating money to the hunt saboteurs and am now boycotting all British dairy products.

Nicola Kite Croft Road Swindon