Reference the rant from A Curtis concerning animal welfare activists.

He seems to be singularly ignorant of the facts. The brave few people that monitor hunt activity meet extreme violence from hunt supporters, often having cameras smashed, cars damaged and being the recipients of physical violence. Usually the hunts people and their supporters target women as they are basically cowards. Over the years I have been involved with animal welfare I have never heard of any hunt people being attacked but over the years their opponents have received serious injuries and even death.

In a democracy you would expect the law to crack down on illegal hunting and protect the people monitoring their criminal activities but no such luck here. Many senior police officers and members of the judiciary are hunt supporters and the CPS will not take action. That is why the good people of the RSPCA and League against Cruel sports have to take action to bring these thugs to court, sometimes at great expense.

Only last week, a deer was attacked by hounds belonging to a hunt in Surrey. When hunt monitors tried to rescue the deer they were arrested by Surrey police and the criminals allowed to carry on hunting.

As for sitting down and eating various meat items at Christmas, I dare say A Curtis does but I have never met any animal welfare activists who were not either vegan or vegetarian. Personally I have not eaten any dead animals for over twenty years.

Philip Beaven Merton Avenue Swindon