I see the ‘heroes’ of the hunt saboteurs and animal rights thugs have made the news again.

This time they were embroiled in an attack on the Tedworth fox hounds who, on private land, were carrying out the legal sport of drag hunting.

This is where a false scent is laid which the hounds then track.

A group of these so-called animal lovers, wearing balaclava masks and scarves as a disguise and armed with clubs and whips, trespassed on private land to prevent this sport from proceeding and led to the hunt master suffering concussion and the loss of several teeth, which were knocked out.

They of course will claim they were peaceably demonstrating and were themselves attacked, but why would they want to prevent hounds chasing a smelly old sack used to create a false trail?

Once again, these disguised thugs who are ashamed to show their faces, have proved they are willing to use violence and break the law.

A Curtis Royal Wootton Bassett