AS is always the case when we write about Stacey Pridden, her stubborn courage stuns us.

Although she is in desperate need of new heart and lungs, time and again she finds the physical and mental strength to think not of herself but others.

People have been awarded medals for less.

Stacie has consented to become the face of a new charity whose mission is to promote organ donation, and we can think of nobody in a more informed position to do so.

If everybody reading this took the simple steps needed to become a registered donor, the many people in need of transplants would be given new hope.

More importantly, they would be given not only life but a quality of life previously denied them by illness.

There is no truly compelling reason for anybody to fail to register as a donor, unless they are prevented from doing so for medical reasons of their own.

None of us wishes to contemplate our own mortality, let alone being torn from life by some calamity, but perhaps we should all do so, and then think about how the impact of that tragedy might be lessened.

Wouldn’t it be a comfort for us all to know that, if we really must make an early exit, we shall not have died in vain?

Wouldn’t it be a comfort to know that, though we might suffer the worst random misfortune, we’ll make a difference to the lives of deserving people we’ve never met?

Why not become a registered donor today?