MAY those who search for Paul Griffiths in Bristol today be swiftly successful.

It is a measure of the esteem in which the missing musician is held that there have been more than 100 volunteers to head for the city.

Back in Swindon, the existing search continues.

News of Paul’s disappearance en route to an appointment on Tuesday morning came as an immense worry to his many friends and loved ones, but obviously none more so than those closest to him.

As his wife, Denise O’Sullivan, said: “It is like he has just disappeared into thin air.”

We invite all of our readers to look carefully at our photograph of Paul and search their memories for possible sightings.

No matter how unsure a potential witness might be, the information they come forward with might be enough to speed his safe return home.

If you are Paul and happen to be reading this, please come home or get in touch with home.

Whatever crisis may be at the root of recent events, we faithfully promise you that it is not so grave that you cannot return to the people you love, and who love you in turn.

You have done nothing wrong. You are not in trouble. The fondness of your family and friends is no less keen - quite the opposite, in fact.

Above all, you are missed.

Please come home.