THE story of the Kembrey Park kittens tells us there are some truly despicable people around - but far more good ones.

Abandoning animals is in itself callous, but in this case whoever was responsible went far beyond mere callousness.

They took five newborn kittens from their mother before she had even had a chance to clean them, sealed them in a box and left them in a skip.

Only the cries of the three survivors, heard by a worker, prevented the helpless creatures from being pulped.

Being found was the first piece of good fortune they experienced in their brief lives and finding their way into the hands of Penfold’s rescue workers Mel Hickey and Luke Bartley was the second.

Thanks to the tireless work of Mel and Luke, the animals can look forward to long and happy lives.

The rescuers are anxious to trace whoever dumped the kittens, and we share the sentiment. Whoever did this did not act in momentary panic or through foolishness; they did something cold, calculated and guaranteed to condemn the animals to a wretched death.

The person must not remain anonymous.

As we have observed before, those who do such things to animals are often unsafe around their fellow humans, especially young or otherwise vulnerable ones.