JULES Furness, the vlogger who made videos about family life following a cancer scare, richly deserves her nomination for a Mumsnet award.

We are forever hearing about the bad things for which the internet is used. In the most recent example, criminals infiltrated the systems of a major mobile phone company, harvested clients’ details and left them at risk of being bothered by scammers.

The issue of cyber-bullying is also seldom far from the headlines, with victims obliged to live in fear of the next threat or wounding comment from a tormentors who feel no obligation to show mercy or decency.

Also prone to hiding behind online anonymity are the racists, misogynists, homophobes and other bigots whose and inadequates namelessness emboldens them.

However, the truth of the matter is that the online world is much like the real world. Yes, there are vile people who enjoy nothing more than causing others pain, but there are far more good people who want only to be helpful and raise a smile.

Jules is a fine example. Her vlog began life as a way of helping her husband, who worked away a lot, to see more of the couple’s new son.

It soon developed into something that struck a chord with complete strangers who began visiting her YouTube channel regularly.

Her popularity is a measure of the innate kindness and goodness which shines through in her videos, as well as Jules’’ truthfulness.

Unlike too many people online, she reminds us of our humanity, of what we have in common and of the challenges we face together.