THE British government was badly defeated after boasting about cutting the budget as agreed in Council in 2015, but on October 28 the European Parliament voted to reject the cuts and instead increase the EU budget 2016 by 4 billion euro.

“Europhile MEPs have gone for a bunker-busting budget, increasing spending commitments by 4 billion euro.

This is a major defeat for Cameron who boasted of getting an agreement to cut the budget at the European Council in 2015. This has been shown to be a sham.

UKIP wanted to save the taxpayers’ money and tabled 142 amendments to decrease the budget but of course EU-worshipping MEPs rejected them leaving ordinary people in national states with a bigger bill.

UKIP MEPs voted to cut MEP salaries and cut MEP travel expenses. UKIP put amendments to cut EU special representatives, EU propaganda projects, the EU publication office, the EU House of History museum and the European Parliament TV channel – all failed.

We tried to cut the European Union budget, but MEPs in other states, and indeed Labour MEPs from the UK, voted for increases to the budget instead.

Cameron told us a year ago that he had negotiated an EU budget decrease, but this has come to nothing.

Just as the UK has been defeated 55 times on crucial votes in the Council of Ministers over the last number of years, so the UK government has suffered defeats once again.

The EU loves spending member states’ money. The only way to stop them doing this is to leave the EU.