THE penpushers’ blunder which left victims of Jason Voong unable to attend his final court hearing is utterly unforgivable.

As we report today, the sisters of Tom Rogers, having flown from Australia to attend the trial of Jason Voong, discovered that the hearing in question had been moved without their knowledge.

Equally disturbingly, Voong’s surviving victim, the remarkably courageous Leanne James, was also denied the opportunity to attend.

In addition, the dedicated police officers who worked to bring Voong to justice were also denied the chance to see the case they toiled over reaching its conclusion.

The cause was a failure on the part of the CPS to inform the police and victims of the timing change - although the organisation blames the listing office in Bristol for the breakdown in communications.

Although none of us can claim we never make mistakes in our professional lives, the CPS and some of its associated bodies seem to be riddled with people so chronically incompetent, so completely lazy and slapdash, that they simply should not be in any role involving service to the public.

Above all, they should not be in roles involving dealing with people who are in any way vulnerable.

Unfortunately, the buffoons who make these errors generally go unpunished.