RE ‘MORE evidence please’ of November 14 from Jane Le Coyte. As an ex-grammar school pupil surely Jane Le Coyte grasped the concept of basic comprehension?

It seems not.

I refer to the sixth paragraph of my previous letter...”and other sources” which Jane has missed, it appears.

Is Mrs Le Coyte not aware that when an academic such as Professor Todd (a Fellow of Oxford Uni) writes a highly acclaimed history she must have used many excellent sources?

Otherwise critics would have panned her efforts.

She quotes 64 primary sources alone on the grammar school section of her highly acclaimed work.

Is that not enough for Mrs Le Coyte?

Plus the above-mentioned of mine, unpublished.

Apparently not!

If Mrs Le Coyte is such a fan of the grammar school, that symbol of segregated schooling, then that’s her business.

If she so wishes to ignore the bigger picture of grammar schools, so be it.

When the man himself, the Chief Inspector of Schools, says (in 2014) that grammar schools hold back poorer pupils then surely we should take note?

He also said that these same schools are being stuffed “with middle-class kids,” and that grammar schools do not increase social mobility, full stop.

No need to repeat that is there, Jane?

JEFF ADAMS Bloomsbury Swindon