HOW heartwarming it was to read Justin Tomlinson's love letter to libraries (March 4). It's wonderful that he is "100 per cent supportive of our local libraries " and gives examples of their vital social role. 
It's a shame therefore that he then descends into waffle and doublespeak, such as the need to "deploy innovative ideas to ensure their future sustainability". 
He also hopes that "residents will understand the reasons for doing so", without actually mentioning what any of those reasons are. I guess he's aware enough to realise that the "tough decisions" line (which,  sadly,  many people seem to swallow wholesale) is a cliché so often used by Swindon council to justify short sighted decision making that he'd best steer clear of it. 
Justin should be aware that people are increasingly turning their backs on politicians who offer the kind of hypocritical, empty posturing seen in his column and are starting to demand honesty and straight talking from politicians. I would therefore advise him to be upfront with the electorate. 
Unfortunately for Justin this would mean admitting that Swindon council is about to rip the heart out of their library service, having been more or less forced into this position by the government he is part of. 
Maidstone Road